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A Unique Gift to be Treasured for Years to Come

The One-of-a-Kind "Little Me"  Photo Doll


Happy Talia, with her "Little Me" doll  . . .                                      Sweet Little Boy, "Angel" . . .

Ordering Information


"Little Me" Photo Doll (in bunting or jogging suit): $110.00

***FREE shipping & handling within the continental United States***


(Will provide quote for custom requests.)


Payment by check or money order only.


All orders are placed by e-mail.

Please read information below,

then send your request to me at:  



Read all information below before ordering...

The quality of the photo you submit is of the utmost importance!

I must enlarge the face to 4" x 6", so the larger and clearer the details

in your photo, the better your doll will look!

PLEASE use the following guidelines when choosing and submitting photo for doll:


Photograph  Please choose the best quality and clearest photo possible! You can either e-mail a digital or scanned photo, or send an original by mail (to be returned undamaged with your completed doll).


For the best possible results, follow these guidelines when choosing your photo:

Should be able to see entire face (both ears would show if uncovered by hair)

Face in photo should measure at least 3" x 3" when printed (preferably larger);

Chin should be level with the camera (not tilted up or down);

Eyes should be looking directly at the camera.


If you are unsure about your photo, just e-mail it to me and I will let you know if it will work!

Bunting Color Choice Pink or Blue Bunting (or for custom orders, I will provide you with a quote once you have sent your special request to me).


Name of Child/Adult  - Examples of personalized messages for heart on chest of doll:



I will begin making your "Little Me" doll as soon as your payment has been processed and I have received photo and other necessary information.


If you have any questions, please let me know:


Thank You for Visiting!






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