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Frequently Asked Questions . . .


How do I order?


Click here for Ordering Instructions on Photo Dolls: "Little Me"


Click here for Ordering Information on Custom Ragdolls:  Custom Ragdoll



How do I contact you?


Click here to e-mail me: Dolls By Lisa



How long have you been making dolls?


I made my first photo dolls in 1996 for my nieces, Racquel and Emma, and nephew, Zachariah who were born that year.  I started making my old-fashioned ragdolls in 1998.



How did you get started?


Click here to read My Story


Detailed Description of "Little Me" photo doll:


"Little Me" photo dolls are entirely handmade and are just right for hugging!

  • three-dimensional head and body

  • face is your photo printed onto fabric

  • approximately 24" tall

  • body/head are made entirely of cloth (stuffed with soft fiberfill)

  • have mitten-like hands with thumbs, no fingers

  • have feet with no toes

  • dressed in removable/washable soft pink or blue fleece bunting

  • hood is not removable

Specialty Photo Dolls (Send your request by e-mail for price quote)



Can be dressed as you wish (costumes or different colored buntings, etc.) with a full-coverage hood, hat, or wig. I will provide you with a price quote once I have received your request by e-mail. Allow for additional time when ordering.

"Little Me" Photo Dolls

How is the photo put on the doll?

I scan the photograph into my computer if an original photo is sent by mail, then I enlarge and enhance it for clarity.  Once I'm satisfied with the quality and detail, I transfer it to a fabric pattern piece and then sew the doll together. Note: the face is not waterproof.

What size and type of photo do you need, and will I get it back?

For the best result (which you and I both want), you should be able to see the entire face (both ears would show if uncovered by hair). The face in the photo should measure at least 2" x 2" and have high resolution (dpi). The head should be level with the the camera and not head tilted up or down.  Please provide the best quality photo you can for the best possible result! If you are not sure about the photo, you can e-mail it or send it by mail, and I will let you know if it will work well.  I return all original photos, undamaged, with the finished doll.


If you have a particular photo that you want to use and it is not of the best quality, I am quite adept at enhancing them and will do so at your request.

Is the doll washable?

The bunting outfit is machine-washable, but the hood is attached to the head and cannot be removed for washing (can be spot cleaned). The body can be hand-washed, but the face is not waterproof. For spots on the face, I suggest lightly brushing the spot with a clean, dry toothbrush or a lint-free cloth (sometimes a light touch with an eraser can do the trick). If the face gets wet, the colors may run. I will replace a face that has been water damaged for $23 (including return shipping of the doll to you).

How long does will it take to receive my doll?

Once your payment has cleared and I have your photo in hand, I can start on the doll right away. They are ready to ship within 1-2 weeks, but I strongly suggest ordering early if the doll is going to be a Christmas gift! This Little Elf (not to mention, the postal service) gets quite busy during the Holiday Season!

Can I dress the "Little Me" doll in clothing other than the bunting it comes in?

Yes, the bunting is removable (except for the hood) so the doll can be undressed and redressed. I attach the hood closely to the edges of the face and around the neck in order to make the face appear more realistic (so the hood is not attached to the bunting). If you wish to have the hood more neutral colored to match other clothing, I can make the bunting in white or cream, (with lace around the face) instead of pink or blue.

Do you repair damaged dolls?

Should a doll become damaged, please write to me describing the damage.  I will let you know the cost of repair according to the extent of the damage.



Old Fashioned Ragdolls

Can I buy additional clothing for my rag doll?

Yes, I make outfits that can be purchased separately (dresses and bloomers, overalls and T-shirts, party dresses with petticoat, just about anything you might want). They also fit into real baby clothes!

Is the Ragdoll washable?

Yes, the doll and clothing are washable. I would suggest spot-cleaning the doll, but they have been known to survive the washing machine just fine.  If you do have to resort to machine cleaning, use a very gentle cycle and tumble or air dry.  My sister washed my niece's doll in the washing machine after a major spill and it came out fine -- the hair frayed, but that suited the Ragdoll just fine!

What are the color selections for hair and clothing?

My Ragdolls are entirely custom made, so you can have whatever colors you want in hair or clothing!  Just let me know your preferences  You can also look at the sample dolls in the gallery: Old-Fashioned Ragdolls for ideas on hair and clothing styles and coloring.  If you fall for a particular one in the gallery, I would be happy to make a similar one for you.

Can you repair one of your dolls that has been ripped or torn?

Yes, I will be happy to repair any of my dolls that are injured. The charge for this would depend on the seriousness of the "injury."

Can you make a Ragdoll that looks like one that I had as a child?

Just let me know what the doll looked like (or send a photo if you have one), I have made a few like this and enjoy getting them as close as possible to the original!

Can you make a smaller Ragdoll?

I make the Ragdolls in the 24" size (for the best "hug-ability") and cut the pieces in advance.  I will be happy to create a custom-sized pattern for your doll for an additional fee.

How long will it take to receive my doll?

Once your payment has cleared and I have your color requests, I can start on your doll right away. They are ready to ship within 1-2 weeks, but I strongly suggest ordering early if the doll is going to be a Christmas gift! This Little Elf (not to mention, the postal service) gets quite busy during the Holiday Season!

Do you repair damaged dolls?

Should a doll become damaged, please write to me describing the damage.  I will let you know the cost of repair according to the extent of the damage.

Can you make the doll smaller?

I make the "Little Me" doll in the 24" size in order to for it to more closely resemble a real child. I can make the doll smaller, but charge extra since I cut my materials in advance and the majority of my orders are for the 24" size.

Customer Comments . . .


"Little Me" Photo Dolls

Lisa - OMG OMG OMG....we just got the doll, Jaclyn is over the moon, in fact, she wanted to write to you herself....
Dear Miss Lisa:  thank you for the doll she is awesome  thank you so much for making her i love her so much!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  love, Jaclyn

Hi Lisa! I finally have found time to email you pictures from my parents birthday and the dolls you made [of them] for their birthday bash!  They were absolutely the hit of the night...almost the hit of the entire Christmas get-together (which lasted a fun, but tiring FOUR days!).  I don't think I can convey to you how much everyone loved them and were admiring your handiwork...they were absolutely amazed!!  So THANK YOU again for the talent, time and energy you put into making them and making a special night even more special!!  They absolutely LOVED them and their friends got the biggest kick out of them, also!! Other than that, I wish you and yours a wonderful New Year!! Thanks again!!  Nancy

Dear Lisa, I so appreciate all the work you did [making the Uncle Wayne doll), and rushing him here in time for my sister's birthday was so nice of you!  Thanks again, Deb

Lisa, The doll you made for our Granddaughter came today and I just wanted to let you know that you did a fantastic job.  My husband and I are so delighted with the results; we both smile every time we look at her.  She will surely be a hit at Allison's first birthday party!! Thanks, again! Caryn and Jeff

hey lisa, ITS SO CUTE!!!!   it was sitting on my porch when i got home from work, i grabbed it and went back to work to open it and show becky. oh its neat!!!!  ive got to take her back to work tomorrow to show everyone. becky sent her picture out today to get crissy's doll made. shes goin to bring her husband in tomorrow, she cant wait for him to see what they look like. i want to get one of  livie done for joni for her birthday,in september. you will still be making them then wont you?  and i want to get one done of joni again maybe for my birthday in december. i like the one you made so much better than the one ive got. theres another place that makes them but yours looked neater. i cant wait for livie to get here sunday and give her, her livie doll. thanks so much lisa!!!!   peggy

The “Allison” doll arrived yesterday; I just LOVE her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have a place for comments and reviews, please let me know.  I will be more than happy to add a very positive comment. Have a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. Regards, Caryn

Hi Lisa, Just wanted to let you know I received my doll yesterday and she is absolutely beautiful.  I took my "baby" all around the office and everyone was so impressed.  I did pass along your website to several ladies who asked for it.  I can't wait until Christmas to see the look on Anasion's face when she opens the box and sees herself smiling back at her. Thanks again for the beautiful work.  Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas to come! Nita

Hi Lisa! It did arrive in time and was great!! My mom thought it was hilarious :) The cutest thing was that my daughter (Aubrey-7 months) and my sisters daughter (Sophia-1 year) LOVED it. They are both big Grandpas girls and they carried it around and kept kissing it :) It was very cute! Thanks again! Megan

Lisa, I wanted to let you know that I received my Gabriella doll yesterday.  All is safe and sound.  She is sooo precious!!  You did an execellent job.  I am really pleased with her.  I am looking forward to doing business with you again when my daughter has her second baby in December.  This one is a Boy.  : )   Thank you so much... Cheryl

I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is sooo cute and when Ciara opened it she stared at it at first and then gave it a BIG HUG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Precious Thanks Again, I will spread the word!!!!  ~Melissa

Dear Lisa, I am happy with "my little Mia doll". Mia and my daughter came my home this afternoon and saw the doll and Mia told me: "Abue, where did you buy her? She is like me" and I told her "It is you, An Angel made for me and I am lucky because when you are not here I have my second Mia all the time" and she opened their very big eyes and told me "Abue, I will be with you forever, I love you much" and I cried. (She will be 3 years old.)  ~Maria Isabel

Hi Lisa, Juliana arrived!!  She is beautiful!!  We will always treasure both Juliana's.  Thank you for the work that you do and for sharing your story with all of us.  I hope you will be creating Little Me dolls for a very long time.  Joan

Lisa, I love my Brittany's!! I can not begin to tell you how much they mean to me. I can hold them both, but especially Big Brit. I can hug her and "feel" the hug, really feel it. I can put her little arms around my neck and she can hug me back. Its very, very comforting. They sleep with me every night, little Brittany in the middle so she doesn't roll out of bed.  ~Donna  [Daughter, Brittany, passed away at age 19 - made doll with 2-yr-old face and doll with 19 yr-old face.]

The dolls were the hit of Sage's birthday party!!! She loved it, she recognized herself and laughed. It was so cute! Jake was adorable too.  When he saw his Little Me Doll, he said, "Me!" and gave himself a big hug. Both my daughters and their husbands thought they are great! There were 80 people at the party, and just about everyone commented about the Little Me's. My daughter went up to her brother-in-law and asked him to hold Sage, but it was really "Little Me Sage".  The look on his face was so funny when he did a double take. You know they will get lots of love, hugs and kisses. Thank the Lord for your gifted talent!!!  ~Carolyn

Hi, I would like to say, I love your "Little Me" dolls!  I think they're really neat.  I had never seen that anywhere.  Thank you, April

Lisa,  We just wanted to thank you for the "Little Me" doll. This was just what we were looking for. We celebrated my Mom's b-day Saturday and she loved the doll. Thanks for the quick delivery and the beautiful work.  ~Emily & family  [This doll was a gift for a grieving mother after her young daughter had passed away.]

I received the doll in the mail yesterday.  It is beautiful!  You did an awesome job.  Thank you so much. ~Tina

Thank you so much. She will love this. She collects dolls. I am sure you will get other orders from this because she will take it to school and show everyone. ~Sammie

I received the dolls this morning and they are precious! Tooo cute : )  They will love them!  Thanks you for your wonderful work and I am sure I will send a few customers your way. Have a blessed Christmas!  ~Kendra

YOUR WORK is lovely! Bella and Lauryn both arrived today...they are darling.  Thanks!  I have more grandbabies...you'll be hearing from me again. I emailed photos of the "girls" to my daughter and daughter-in-law...and they're both amazed. I've attached a copy of one of the photos...and I swear...they could be sitting there for real! We'll be spreading the word. ~Linda

We received the Doll today and Kaitlyn LOVES it!  She took it out to dinner with us tonight and had to show everyone! It really made our Thanksgiving special.  ~Erica

Lisa I just looked at your website, O MY GOD it  brought me to tears it's beautiful, every time I looked at it I got chills.  YOU'RE SO AMAZING!  ~Candace

I just received the “Little Me Doll” of Mia.  It is just adorable.  This is going to be a Christmas Present and I just don’t know how long I can hold off from showing it to my daughter of her precious baby.  Also, you really brought a smile to my face upon seeing the advertisement.  Gosh, was I surprised.  I hope to get you more orders in the future.  Good Luck to you and your endeavors.  It has been a pleasure.  Fondly, Chrissie

Oh, my God!  Just opened the doll.   It is absolutely beautiful.   I love it!   You do fantastic work.   Thank you!  ~Donna

Kaitlyn just loves her doll, but is not calling the doll Kaitlyn, she is calling her "Grace." for some reason she loves that name. Kaitlyn took Grace to school on Friday for share day . . . She was the hit of the day!  All the kids wanted to hold Grace.  ~Helen

 OH MY GOD.........I received the dolls. I could not believe my eyes...they are great.  When my husband came home, I told him to look at the dolls. He unwrapped his. I thought his eyeballs were going to come out of his head. He couldn't believe our faces were on them. Those are the cutest dolls I have ever seen. You go good work.  Thank you again.  Sharon



Old-Fashioned Ragdolls

The giraffe costume on the rag doll is a hoot!  The Hawaiian grandparents took it for a stroller ride, without Blythe, and received comments about the cute baby! 

Dear Lisa, Is there any way you can help me?  A long time ago, my grandmother made me a rag doll that was destroyed in a fire only a year after she died. I was only 4yr then. I would like to replace this doll, and yours is the closest I have found, please write back and let me know asap. Thank you for your time ~Rinella

Hi Lisa, Annabel arrived today.  I LOVE HER!  I just sat and hugged her, feel like a kid again. I want to haul her around wherever I go. Anyway, I adore her.  Lisa you are very talented, and the birth certificate looks great, I like how you personalized it. very nice, gives the whole idea, a loving touch, ... please continue to make these dolls!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~Rinella

My daughter (6 years old) has a friend who told her that there was no Santa Clause, so as a test my daughter wrote to Santa asking specifically for a doll with button eyes, pink nose and a pink dress.  Your dolls are absolutely adorable and are just like the picture she drew in her letter.  I would love to keep the magic of Christmas going just a few more years. ~Lori

Thank you so much  for this special doll.  I can not wait to see her face when she gets it.  Have a great Christmas!! ~Lori

I have been looking **everywhere** for dolls like yours. Your dolls are gorgeous. Seriously, I just spent the last 3 days looking online for a nice cloth doll. It was amazing how hard they were to find! was about 20 minutes away from giving up. ~Vanessa

I just wanted to let you know that Hannah's doll is just fabulous.  She LOVES it!  She said it was "perfect".  Thanks for making our Christmas that much nicer.  Hannah would like two extra dresses for her doll - a light green dress, if possible, and a red one for Valentine's Day. Hannah has named her doll "Pepper." and sleeps with her every night.  What a talent you have!  Thanks!  ~Leigh

Here is a drawing by my daughter, Emily.  Thought you might enjoy knowing how much she loves her Ragdoll, Maddie. ~ Lori  (see Emily's drawing below)